Dear Colleagues, 

Political candidate voting season is fast approaching!
We all know Texas state laws and elections impact our profession and our livelihood.
Now is a great time for a brief overview of an avenue created in Texas organized medicine to endorse candidates and how those candidates are chosen.

General Overview:

LCMS board officers will from time to time initiate a candidate interview or attend “meet and greets” extended to our organization. Due to their non-profit subclass status, LCMS and TMA do not endorse candidates or host candidate fundraisers.
TMA Political Action Committee (TEXPAC) is a large organization seeking beneficial legislation for Texas physicians as a whole and our patients.  The TEXPAC Candidate Evaluation Committee consist of representatives from our Texas county medical societies and apply a vetting formula when considering candidate endorsement and recommending full TEXPAC Board endorsement approval.
TEXPAC uses the four criteria listed below to evaluate a candidate for endorsement:

1.    A candidate’s philosophy and positions on legislation affecting physicians’ ability to care for their patients

2.    Letters of support from local TMA physicians, alliance members, and county medical societies, if applicable

3.    Demographics of the district

4.    The candidate’s chances of winning the election

I hope you find this information helpful as you connect with people and have a positive impact in your circle of influence. If you desire further information please contact LCMS Executive Director, Juanema Christensen.

In the spirit of personal connection and transparency, I share my view when sorting through the array of political candidate platforms. I begin with the caveat, there are no perfect political candidates nor any perfect physicians living in 2022 therefore, I choose to focus on the number of commonalities instead of fixating on a specific difference that a candidate may express in their platform. My desire is to provide opportunities for respectful participation and communication this year, your feedback is welcomed and is anticipated. Thank you for your consideration on this topic and commitment to our profession.

I close with wisdom from an ancient text that challenges me and hopefully will encourage you as well each day “…act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly…” in our calling.


Blessings and peace, 

Melinda Schalow







Happy New Year!
I welcome and look forward to serving as your 2022 LCMS president. This year your LCMS board and committee members will seek to connect with community physicians. Our goal is to understand what physicians want and need on the down slope of this COVID pandemic. 

There may be some changes from our past form and function throughout this year as we hear and adjust to the needs and concerns of Lubbock physicians. Rest assured we have not lost sight of the mission of LCMS!
Many people I have spoken with are ready to close the history book on 2021 and move forward into a fresh new year! Living through the last two years has been a challenge and a privilege… painful and inspiring… restricting and freeing. The dichotomies the pandemic has magnified in humankind are rich and boundless!

Enjoy the start of this new calendar year, shopping for the perfect year planner and thinking about what you would like to experience professionally and on a personal level the next 12 months. There are so many facets to each of us! I encourage you to take time to reflect on the past from a lens of gratitude. Consider making a resolution to look at the future with wonder and be intentional in choosing to see opportunities when change intersects with your routine.

The start of a new year is a marker in time for renewed hope, fresh new starts, cleaning slates and resetting.  I hope you take time to give yourself and the people around you the chance to experience all of the gifts this 2022 year brings.

Blessings and peace!

Melinda Schalow