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Helpful Hints for Your Practice

For more than 25 years Physicians Practice has served the physician and office administrator community with all-encompassing expertise on practice management issues. Now, this helpful advice is available in the palm of your hand! Download the Physician's Practice app now and watch as your practice reaps the rewards!

The current issue, “ Rise of the Advanced Practitioners,” contains all kinds of information to aid your practice, such as:

Best States to Practice 2014
Every physician will want a unique set of factors when determining where to practice medicine, but they all want a favorable environment to do so. Our annual rankings, featured in this issue, will help confirm your practice is in the right location, or have you thinking about a move to a more favorable locale.

Handling Staff Squabbles
Conflict between staff can be devastating. Here, we cover how to address it and possibly prevent it in the first place. Plus, consultant Charlie Hauck provides five key components for practices to resolve conflict when it occurs and try to prevent it in the first place.

Why Your Practice Should Become More Patient-Centered
It's important for practices to participate in patient-centered programs in order to focus their culture on improving the patient experience. See what else you can do here.

Managing Change at Your Practice
Health reform is forcing many practices to change the way they do business. Here's how physicians can help everyone adjust.

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